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Jilly Wines is a small batch winemaking company based in Clunes NSW. Each vintage is the culmination of a creative journey, and marks a time and a place of creativity and inspiration that can never be reproduced in the same way

Jared Dixon From jam room to Jilly

Jared Dixon holding a bottle of wine.

The son of a Sunshine Coast timber merchant, Jared ‘Jilly’ Dixon decided not to go into the family business, but to instead pursue his passions.

The first of these was music – which saw several years spent playing the drums for cover bands, and failed record deals along the way. After some time grinding away at RSLs and pubs in NSW, it was time for a change – Jared got on a plane to England, where his adventure would begin. Living a somewhat nomadic life in Europe, he found himself working in kitchens to keep the travel fund up. It was here that he discovered a passion for food, but more importantly – wine.

With a clear goal now, Jared returned to Australia and enrolled in university at Wagga to learn how to make wine. During that time, he worked in WA for 4 years, earning his stripes at Houghton wines through long days spent dragging hoses and pushing pumps for the corporate juggernaut. Not long after this tenure, Jared decided it was time to settle down somewhere closer to his family. He had been coming into contact with wines from the New England area for some time – and when his parents bought a small business in the tiny, picturesque town of Clunes in northern NSW – it seemed like a natural move to set up shop there as well. The rest, as they say, is history!

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